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12 May 2022

Pixion Games Announces “Fableborne”, Bringing Competitive Battles in Bitesize Esports Sessions to Web3

London, UK, May 16th, 2022 – Pixion Games has today announced their first game, Fableborne, available from later this year. The London-based studio has formed to build
competitive multiplayer mobile-first experiences that are accessible for everyone in bitesize sessions.

The game, which has been under development for more than 18 months, is an action RPG blended with strategic base building, created by seasoned industry veterans with experience at leading studios and publishers including Konami, Blizzard, Riot, King, Sony, Wargaming, Pixonic, Ubisoft, and NCSOFT to name a few. Over the last two-and-a-half years, Pixion Games has been prototyping, testing, and killing games multiple times to validate the fun gameplay, before turning it into the extensive production that Fableborne has become today.

Fableborne’s core gameplay loop is easy to pick up and doesn’t require a huge time investment, but still provides a deep and engaging experience to keep players challenged.

Fortify your base and battle for survival in The Shatterlands! 

  • Fableborne is a genre-blending action RPG with base building
  • Raid real players’ bases like never before. Take control of your Heroes and battle your way through to reap their resources. Compete to claim and own your rewards!
  • Fortify your island’s base, set up traps and other obstacles strategically for an impenetrable defence
  • When the defence tumbles and the island’s base falls, plan revenge and strike back with fierce attacks!
  • Raiding is asynchronous, meaning no waiting around for competitors
  • Bringing esports to everyone – Lunchtime Esports – play a competitive multiplayer game in short, snackable sessions with events, weekly challenges, tournaments and competitive leagues
  • A variety of Heroes to choose from, each customisable with their own special traits, abilities and varying stats, allowing you to discover your own unique playstyle and strategy
  • ‘Play to Own’ – acquire digital assets through direct purchase or by playing and accumulating rewards to claim NFTs.

Introducing Lunchtime Esports

With Fableborne, Pixion is introducing a new category of competitive play, ‘Lunchtime Esports’, a unique concept that brings the world of esports to everyone at their own pace. Living under the ‘Pixion League’ banner, the experience takes an asynchronous approach,
meaning competitive play happens whenever suits the player, all in-app.

Unlike traditional esports, the easy to pick up nature of Fableborne means that even players with little time can enjoy the game and reap the rewards of competitive play. However, the depth and complexity deliver an engaging ongoing challenge as players explore the lore and venture into the mysterious Shatterlands at their own pace, building their standing in the ‘Pixion League’ as they go. 

Play to Own in Fableborne

‘Play to Own’ disrupts the usual ‘Pay to Win’ and ‘Play to Earn’ models in mobile and blockchain gaming. In Fableborne, players can acquire digital assets through a direct purchase, or by playing and accumulating rewards in Pixion League. By making Heroes and many more aspects of the game NFTs, Pixion is giving players an option to truly own their customised Heroes, islands and other in-game items, making players’ investment valuable without requiring them for progression.

Ultimately, Pixion wants to create a fairer economy by making NFTs more accessible to all players. In this case, players can start playing for free, progress, gain rewards and claim their NFTs. Pixion aims to drive a strong, player-powered game economy that is meaningful and engaging for all levels of player.

Kam Punia, Founder and CEO of Pixion Games, commented: “Fableborne is a competitive mobile-first multiplayer game, but it doesn’t demand an unreasonable amount of players’ time. Players can have a fun, rewarding and enriching experience, battling other players or completing quests, creating smart and powerful strategies over their lunch break or as they travel. We all know the struggle of finding the time to have satisfying gaming experiences and keeping up with the competition. Fableborne is the antidote to this – a new category of esports games that fits around your lifestyle and plays the way you want it to.”

For more information, including details on the NFT presale and whitelisting, visit the Fableborne website and subscribe to the Fableborne newsletter.

About Fableborne

Fableborne is an isometric play-to-own multiplayer game where you embark on a journey to explore the Shatterlands. Built accessible and mobile-first, a perfect blend of Action RPG and Base Building where you fortify your island and attempt to raid other players’ bases for gold and glory.

Play in asynchronous player-versus-player battles, or hone your skills during challenging boss battles in the player-versus-environment mode.

Compete in the Pixion League, collect resources, and claim your well-earned rewards to own your favorite Fableborne Heroes!

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About Pixion Games

Founded in 2017, Pixion Games creates exciting multiplayer games that are easy to understand, hard to master, but ultimately fun to play in short sessions. Pixion Games was formed by veterans from Konami, Garena, Gala Games, Square Enix, Sony, Wargaming, Pixonic, Ubisoft, NCSOFT and many of the world’s most formidable game studios, with a proven track record in developing multiplayer experiences for millions of players.

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